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Sony Warns Of Structural Reforms Before New Business

The Japan based smartphone giant, Sony, is intending to make structural reforms before the launch of new business. The company has said that before turning around the injured smartphone arm it needs a lot of struggle in order to strengthen its roots and branches. Revealing the operating loss of 172 billion Yen or 1.5 billion dollar in the area of mobile communication, the Japan based consumer giant expressed that there are a lot of painful charges lying ahead in their path.

Sony Mobile Phone

The statement of the new head of Sony group executive and Sony mobile communication Inc, Hiroki Totoki, goes like the before starting a new business they (the company) should make structural reforms. While talking to the reporters and market analysts in Tokyo he said that those devices which are equipped with the function of communication, keeps the potential that they can further be developed.

Continuing his talk, he further said that now will go step by step and before venturing in to any new business they would first of all strengthen their company structure and will make it capable to take risks. He also added that in order to synchronize the product development and technological segments deeply, a struggle of years is required.

The company has said that it would cut off the number of global staff members involved in the area of smartphones by 15 percent. Only in six months the company has faced a loss of 109.1 billion yen. Its business has faced a severe blow also from global rivals such as Apple and Samsung.