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Sony Will Not Give The Built In Screen Protector Option In Z2 And Z2 Tablet

Sony have a lot of salient features on their sets and users had to be happy when they use sony smartphone such as Xperia Z1 and others. These big sets have a built-in protector for the screen. Sony give the name of this feature “Anti- Shatter Film”. This feature give the broken look appeared in the screen rather then leaving the glass. This feature instead under the glass, this anti-shatter film have a defect this feature is not scratch prove. The feature has a  problem of  removing the experience of glass and change it with the expression of plastic.

But yet there is a one good news for the people who want to buy the newly  lunched set by Sony such as Sony Xperia Z2 or the most recent Xperia Z2 Tablet. Sony assures that these devices have an anti-shatter film. As an alternative the users feel the real material of this device. It will be quit helpful with the  illustration quality of the screen. On the other hand the anti-shatter film would frequently collect the scratches and smudges but the screen will be tougher and it can  easily clean.

Sony Xperia Z2

The Sony takes the step and remove the anti shatter film from the previous device such as Xperia Z1, but that was not the solution of the problem which users are facing but Sony give the priority to the users and try to resolve this problems from the hand sets and they take the step to solve the problem and give the completely trouble less features to their users and make them happy.