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Sony working on new smartphone battery that will be 40 Percent more long lasting

Sony will release the most powerful battery which is made up with lithium-sulfur and magnesium-sulfur which gives the 40% long-lasting time to the smartphones.

Powerful devices need a long lasting battery for sufficient backup to accommodate the users to the maximum extent. Currently, the Lithium-ion batteries energized the smartphones and there is no doubt that they give the enormous backup to the users and keep them busy with their smartphones, but the technology has no limits and it's grown faster day by day and gives the experimental chance to the giants to grown the masterpiece of technology for accommodating the users.


Recently the news comes up that the Japanese technology masters are busy in building the new more powerful battery to energize the mobile phones for a long time. According to the report the battery is made off with magnesium-sulfur (Mg-S) and according to the Sony, the battery is more potential and will give 40% more backup time to the smartphones and, on the other hand, it is cheaper than Lithium batteries and reduces the cost of production.

Sony still tests the new power source and they will launch this magnesium battery in 2020 for commercial purpose and before its official launch they need to work more for finest battery performance.

It is expected that we will have the more information about the power source when the time passed till then stay with us for latest updates.