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Sony Xperia Z2 with Verizon Marketing and Sales in United States of America Carrier based selling

Sony Xperia Z2 Flagship smartphone is available in various parts of the world according to marketing and distribution plan of the brand as per distribution policy of Asia and Europe.

Seems that it would be released in United States also in upcoming days as per news of market, According to some market based news in summer season Z2 is expected to be launched in United States of America.

The idea of providing phones is not to cell these phones via carriers, so usage and customer access of phone would be possible from license, genuine and authorized Sony stores

Its surprising also that Verizon branded Sony Xperia Z2 appeared these days, this is same image which is in picture for advertisement on majority of the web based engines, panels and blogs.

It is not available every time or right now but in majority of the links you can see easily Verizon logo is clearly visible of z2 series.



The clear image of Sony Xperia z2 is water proof and dust resistant and Verizon sign is not displayed or written at all.

There are some market based news circulating in March that XPERIA Z2 will be launched in US at some points and while new images and news don’t confirm anything after it.

There are other market based news that one of the widest network carrier would have a distribution of marketing and sales for selling XPERIA Z2 this year, and it is expected to come with a appropriate marketing and selling plan.