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Sony Xperia Z4 is still facing the over heating issue

Sony launched Xperia Z4 in Japan just two months back; in April. Although, Sony equipped it with nice hardware and gave it decent specs like Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chip set, just within two months complaints about over heating started pouring in from the Japanese users.

The users have given vent to their feelings on the media and express their opinion on Twitter telling about the over heating problem on the smartphone and later this opinion was supported by the results shown about CPU-Z that the Xperia Z4 gets really a little hot. To make the users aware about this fact Japanese carrier NTT DOCOMO adopted the practical approach and placed some cautionary sings in their outlets so that users can note it and decide accordingly.


While the carrier company warned the users, they suggested some remedial measures as well. Turning the Xperia Z4 on and off at some intervals and charging it while the handset is powered off will help over coming this issue to some extent.
The benchmark results confirmed these results which went against the opinion of Qualcomm is VP of marketing that over heating was just a rumor and not based on fact and was only a sabotage campaign against Qualcomm. Previously the company confirmed that the over heating issue of the chipsets are resolved and for this reason Sony delayed the release of Xperia Z4 but according to the users opinion who are currently using the Xperia Z4, the handset gets overheated when in use for a long time. It is not a rumor; it is the opinion of the users based on their experience and a fact. Overheating issue of Qualcomm chipset will definitely affect Qualcomm and Xperia Z3 Plus also.