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Sony Xperia Z4 to be released in Mid 2015

 Previously we heard that Sony Xperia Z4 would be announced at MWC 2015 but now we hear something different that the company has changed its plan. It is through the media that we know Sony Xperia Z4 would be released at some other time, maybe it is in summer.

There is yet another dimension of the news that we heard in December 2014 that Xperia Z4 is planned to be released in May 2015. Xperia Z smartphones series started in first quarter of 2013 and later released a new mobile phone every 6 months; Xperia Z1 was released in late 2013 , the Xperia Z2 released in early 2014 and Xperia Z3 at the end of 2014. Now Xperia Z4 which is going to be released in summer is not according to the pattern of release as we saw in case of the previous devices.

Sony XPeria Z4

Probably Sony has to delay the release of new device for some reasons. It is believed that Xperia Z4 will offer Quad HD screen with 1080pixels resolution , an octa - core Snapdragon processor 810 and a 21MP camera with Exmor sensor RS new IMX230 .