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Street Fighter V will be released on 16 Feb. 2016 & will also be compatible with SteamOS

Street Fighter V has been announced Recently, The Game will be compatible with SteamOS beside the Play Station 4 and PC Platforms, Capcom made an announcement that Street Fighter V is going to have full SteamOS support, as a result game lovers could play Street Fighter V on Steam Machine. However, the company doesn’t impede there, it also has determined to go for full Steam Controller support. If you are fluky enough to play the beta that starting today, you can really try the new controller out at this moment.

Microsoft has apologized to its customers in the precedent, for left out Microsoft Xbox One from mix list. If you are hoping that Microsoft and Capcom are finalizing a new deal, you would be disappointed. Though, if you have purchased a Steam Machine, you will be pleased to know that the company has declared that the game will be compatible with SteamOS, it means that the owner of Steam Machine is able to play Street Fighter V.

Steam Machine also comes with its exclusive controller; we surmise that it would prove an exciting experience.

The company says that “Hi everyone. We excited to announce that Street Fighter V will be officially supporting Steam OS! We are working closely with Valve on this endeavor, and will have more details to announce in the near future, so stay tuned for updates.”

The Street Fighter V is expected to release on 16 February, 2016.  

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