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Successor Of Samsung Z1 is under development might called Samsung Z2

Few days before Samsung released their first Tizen based smartphone known as Samsung Z1 and now the Samsung is busy to make the successor of the handset called Samsung Z2. Z1 grabbed the users’ attention easily. However the design and the hardware combination is not much impressive but users seem quite satisfied because the handset was available in a very competitive price. The reason behind offering the handset in cheap price is to promote Samsung’s own designed operating system.


Actually the Z1 plays the ambassador role for Tizen and its features and the development in the operating system is under process. Now the rumors are heard that Samsung is busy in making the successor of Z1 which seems Samsung Z2. If the rumor comes true the handset should offer the powerful specs and hardware configuration than the Samsung Z1.  

There is not much information about Samsung Z2 was out but only the type of display was leaked and according to that the handset Samsung Z2 will be equipped with QHD display and will run the same Tizen operating system. There is no information about the release date and price of the handset is not confirmed but if the handset is under development it will take some time to launch.