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Surface Pro 4 will be released in 4th October 2015 with Windows 10 and better Specs

Although Microsoft is Windows Phone manufacturer but they have tough competition from iOS and Android Phones. However, Its high-end tablet coming in the market next month is gaining good reputation even before launching.

The upcoming tablet is known as Surface Pro 4 and will be announced on 4th October 2015 by the company running the Windows 10 operating system. There may be doubt in the user's mind about which one to buy; Surface Pro 4 or MacBook 2015. Microsoft has given 4 reasons for superiority of Surface Pro 4 over MacBook 2015

The first reason is given by Microsoft is multiple functionalities better than MacBook 2015. A Surface Pro 4 is more flexible and simultaneously is a laptop as well as a tablet with touchscreen whereas MacBook 2015 is just a laptop without the touch screen. By now users are used to touch screen devices and Surface Pro 4 fulfills this requirement.

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The second reason is the latest updated operating system as Windows 10. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with windows 8.1 has better performance than its competitors and users liked it. Going still further Surface Pro 4 will run Windows 10 giving it enormous power and functionality. It is definitely much better than any other operating system currently being used.

Surface Pro 4 is going to be thinner and lighter. Despite its size of 12 inches version, it is going to be less in thickness than Surface Pro 3; it will be only 9.1mm whereas Apple’s MacBook 2015 is 13.1mm thick. In weight also, Surface Pro 4 is going to be lighter than MacBook 2015.

One of the main reasons is connectivity ports. Surface Pro 3 and Apple MacBook 2015 have only one USB port whereas Microsoft has compensated this shortcoming by adding another Type-C USB Port in Surface Pro 4.

Above 4 reasons are quite genuine to give Surface Pro 4 superiority over MacBook 2015. There is no information available about the price of Surface Pro 4 till yet, but it is expected that we will know the price of this device soon before its launching.