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Surpassing Point Of ISOCELL Camera Present In The Samsung Galaxy S5

Now you can know Samsung Galaxy S5 better through s video tha Samsung released on YouTube. It contains a  good description of camera installed in theSamsung Galaxy S5. This is Korean innovation and the technology with the name ISOCELL image sensor technology that has been used in it.

It has been claimed by the Samsung that ISOCELL- if not deminishes, reduces to a considerable extent the interference of adjacent pixel cells. This has been further stated by the Samsung that ISOCELL sensor cellss have 30% more capacity meaning the ability to absorb more light before saturation as compared to its previous capacity; eith result comtaining bright colors and good composition and display. The bright light gives the supper fine qualit to the images. The best feature of this than the others ISOCELL is the slim sensor and low weight.

Samsung Galaxy

Users have a expectation that the Samsung Galaxy S5 camera also sports the ISOCELL sensor .
galaxy S5 would be the world fastest auto focus speed which will worked in seconds.
As its name suggests, this feature allows the users to manually adjust the focus of an image and blur its background.

We are waiting for the personal experiance when we use the camera of samsung glaxy S5 but we have to wait till Aprill 11th.