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T-Mobile Decides to Alter Insurance Rates, will Apply on 1st March

T-Mobile carrier is going to change its handset’s insurance rate from 1st march. The company has decided to offer mobiles at lower rates so that everyone can use latest or expensive smartphones.


 Jump Upgrade Program and Handset Protection Sercives starts at $10 monthly for Tier 1,2, and 3 mobiles. From 1st March monthly premium for those mobiles will be $9. The company offers Tier 1 phones at deductible $20 and it contains entry level smartphones such as Nokia Lumia 530. Tier 2 phones hold $50 deductible and contains Galaxy Grand Prime and Nokia Lumia 635. Tier 3 phones carry $100 deductible and include mobiles such as ZTE ZMax.

Tier 4, and Tier 5 phones will countenance increase in their monthly premiums which is going to start at March 1st. So, according to this rise current $10 will be $12 on the date. Tier 4 consists of Samsung Galaxy S3, and iPhone 5s with $150 deductible. Tier 5 is peak tier which has Samsung Galaxy S6, Apple iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and HTC M9 with $175 deductible.

The insurance covers accidental damages such as theft, loss, and liquid damage etc. If you gain insurance facility with Lookout Mobile Security, in case if you mobile is stolen or misplaced you can use www. to find your mobile. The website will enable you to find your mobile via a loud sound alarm, or a picture that will be captured when anybody will attempt to reach your mobile. It also backups your contacts and photos, protects from malware, and alerts you with doubtful activities that could signify that your mobile is missing or stolen.

T-Mobile customers can ensure their mobile in 14 days from the date they purchase handset.



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