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The CEO of Apple Still Holds the Secrecy of Apple I watch

Well recently when the meeting of the apple’s stock holders was held some how the chief executive officer did give a hint about the apple iwatch in cover words called it “a secret project”. He was hesitant to talk about it openly and did not want to disclose till it was fully hatched and the project was mature.

However the apple chief gives the hint about this project when he did accept that sapphire glass produced by a plant in Arizona was in fact for consumption in the new apple iwatch.  Sapphire is supposed to be the toughest glass used as the mobile screen. However the use of this sapphire glass may cause an increase of the price of this iwatch which probably the customers may not like it. Yet this glass is already being used on 4.5 inch smartphones.

The product is still being kept secret because apple doesn’t want to get affected by the upcoming competition as Apple being tracked from all sides. The chief executive did point out the high volume of imessages and face time video chats going on daily on their devices with android 4.4.


He expected that with in two months that Apple would buy back its stock from the market worth about 60 billions dollars.  He further said those who are quick money makers may not invest in the company because they will change their priorities from money making alone to human rights and other envoi mental consideration.