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The Fire In The Redmi 2A Flares Up While On The Call In China, Xiaomi Investigates The Incident

The news poured in from China stated that the Redmi 2A while in the hand of the user erupted in fire, the user reported the press. The said user Mr. Tang lodged the complaint of fire with the Xiaomi and the staffers handling the investigation of the tragedy. It is reported that Mr. Tang purchased the phone not more than a month ago. As per the Chinese media, the user was engaged in conversation with his wife on the phone and within five minutes time, the voice started crumbling as the device’s body turned very hot, the stench of burning was felt. Luckily he came to realize that something somewhere went wrong with the phone in hand and instantly he flung on bathroom’s floor. As the picture appended with it can be seen underneath, the fire burned away a large junk of the body and the interior system of the phone. One can see the black marks of the burnt away phone on the bathroom’s floor. After the passage of two hours time of the happening he got the matter reported at the Xiaomi sales point.

It is not known whether the company will agree to replace it with the new one or not. Mr. Tang added that the after sales service unit despatched the phone to Beijing for fixing the fault or for the process. As the picture indicates whether it will be repairable or not, suppose if the cause of fire is an internal problem, now the reaction to it on the company’s end will be funny as per the response of the Xiaomi.

Mr. Tang happened to be lucky as he escaped unhurt. The Xiaomi must ponder over it in a serious manner with regard to the future happening resembling the present one as the Redmi 2A devices are already in stock at the market. This is not the only incident, likewise incidents with the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S5 also happened.