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The High end First Microsoft Surface Smartphone Specifications Leaked

The news about the Surface Phone from the Microsoft continued to pour in for some time, the specifications are surfacing recently, the report says. The nameless sources leaked by WMPU In the said phone Project Juggernaut Alpha is in the offing to release at the belittle stage towards the end of 2015 or at the outset of 2016. The Microsoft underwent selling the Smartphones owned by it after obtaining the Nokia’s handset trade, as they are no more using the name of Nokia any further rather the Microsoft is currently putting into use the Lumia brand. Now let us trail the clue as what difference the Surface Phone will let us know from that of the Microsoft Lumia Smartphone.

Suppose let us recline on the rumors the Surface Phone would have in its lap attractive specifications pertaining to the hardware, the extremely fast processing and the display will be put on the high resolution and indulging in the talk with regard to the cameras and plethora of the RAM along with the storing space. While the release of the Windows 10 in phones is waiting to be merged, so the time is ripe for the Microsoft for its first exhibition that is anxiously awaited by the users, namely the Surface Phone. The resolution and the display will carry a 5.5 inches AMOLED displaying quality with the quality of running at the resolution means quick paced with 1440 x 2560 p and carrying the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protective quality. 

The Surface Phone, speaking about the hood is likely to be powered by the Intel’s Atom X3 64-bit processor poised with the 4 GB RAM. Till now, the phone devices running on the Windows have extraordinarily put efforts on the Snapdragon chips. While speaking in terms of the expansion of the storage, it is likely to hit the market in 64 GB / 128 GB the options in hand while fitted with the microSD card for the said expansion.