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The Larger Apple iPad Pro Gets Dead While Charging, The Issue Persists

Unexpectedly the monster of Apple, iPad Pro gets unresponsive during the charging. Here are the details.


The biggest iPad Pro were in the rumors since 2013 and now before a week Apple released this big screen tablet for the markets. According to the Apple CEO Tim Cook, the iPad Pro is the best alternate of PCs but it is not the replacement of Macbook. The CEO and Apple designer has agreed that if the iPad Pro is not working it would not replace anything from the desktop and now some complaints are published over the internet about the charging issue of this larger iOS tablet.



Some of the iPad Pro users posted the complaint in the official community of Apple that their tablet got dead or froze while charging and it will not work until the device got unplugged and restarted. Apple tech team is aware of this issue and has suggested some solutions to resolve it. One solution is to reset to factory settings in the iTunes menu while the other is to hold down Sleep/Wake and Home buttons together for least ten seconds. It will restart the tablet.


This issue is not only with iPad Pro alone, some owners of the Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 6s Plus have also faced this problem. It has been concluded that the issue is with iOS 9 and probably would be fixed with some software update.