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The OnePlus 2 Now Official, Here is its New Features, Specs and Price Details

Whenever you make a pledge not to settle you are incapacitate you are unable to find any corner. It is loaded with the Qualcomm, the processor that is Snapdragon 810 with the feature 4G LTE that carries an Octa-Core CPU, so the efforts minimized as it powers through the demands that apps seek, the games, an HD video, studded with the 3,300 mAh battery. The OnePlus 2 in the hands never sees you off all the day long as the overworked days, it will side with you. The OnePlus 2 entails the high performance quality and the cost is reachable by the users as it is being considered the cheapest Smartphone device. The OnePlus 2 has been officially priced at $389 for the 64GB version. Now let us shed light on the second version's pricing with 16GB at $329.


The Processing Powers help you to scale the heights that are building up on the powerful 64 bit architectural structure along with the Qualcomm which goes ultra premium as stated above an 810 processor as the trade mark is well known the Snapdragon. The specifications not till date stunned us are the Adreno 430 GPU, the intensive games like 3D, the list is never exhaustible as per the demanding applications, The technology for the RAM with respect to the OnePlus 2 has been crafted in a crafted manner as the crystal clear talk about the RAM for the first version (64GB) along with 4GB RAM and the second version (16GB) is 3GB RAM. 


We hand the Smartphone to get tuned up the world that surrounds us. The screen of the OnePlus 2 Smartphone speaks in its own way pertaining to the attractiveness; it must put us in the amazement. The life colors fill the life as an IPS LCD emanates unbelievable lines, sharp in cuts as it speaks itself. Be it the video, the test irrespective of the settings, just experience the invaluable experience.

The service providing across the world comes with the OnePlus 2 as width of the range means the band support, namely it may be called the carrier not locked. The travel has been eased notably, the dual SIM capacity and the capability, the two networks have been brought under your command at the same time. Need not to carry weight, travel light while managing your hectic life smoothly with the sole device for each and everything, Wow the OnePlus Smartphone.


Surmount your globe day and night with the sensor the camera carries, the performance has been exceptionalized, the dark milieu sparkles and the noise on the wane. Never off the target shot, is the system upgraded on the laser autofocus, how wonderful the image in its optical quality has been stabilized. The shot is at your beck and call in its perfection, the distort is utterly prevented through the clarity improved by the 6 lens elements quality. The image sensor and the optics are inevitable to squeeze the whole spectacle in its accuracy, so the Smartphone cameras have excelled everything.

The sensor of OnePlus 2 takes on board a large  these are the pixels that carry the ability of collecting the light. The twilight or the dusk never hinders its performance as it got a 13 megapixel rear facing Smartphone camera and as the camera carries weight with regard to the importance of any Smartphone manufacturer company or the flagship and the important thing is the OnePlus 2 runs with a 5 megapixels front fitted camera; the pics in its transparent quality go unmatched. You get ready to snap the pics, the laser focused on auto system gets locked in a touch free way, only 0.2 seconds are suffice. The blurred shot gets perfected and the rare moments remain the same. The unwarranted jerks, bumpy moments turn automatically into perfection through the video and the optical image that is stabilized. Less time is condensed into the amazement while capturing your liking.

The camera engineers conquer the difficulties, through processing with the algorithms relating the image quality as the well crafted talents craft the hardware. The powered features of the OnePlus 2 camera, turned into a smooth sailing job, the 4K video, the video moving at slow pace also covers the time lapses.

You are master of your own style as the look is dependent on you and the seconds take the StyleSwap covers everything. The OnePlus 2 went through a great ordeal before reaching the finalization in its design and maintains the balance with regard to the feel and the look. The experience flows like the fluid and everything is in its original place.

The form factor of OnePlus 2 of the StyleSwap is on your hands to render it the look and the feel without changing the OnePlus 2's forming factor. The StyleSwap crafted in a new manner and no more tools need to put into use. 


The first look of the OnePlus 2 is notice worthy as the logos of distraction are absent. When not in workable condition, the keys that navigates gets dimmed and disappeared getting under the cover of thin pane of the black glass.

The material is as light as the feather, as it is made of the combination of the aluminum and magnesium. The ideal point ensnares us; the antenna is in a good reception condition coupled with the regulation of temperature. The Gorilla Glass steel free of rust, along with the unique covers at the back are speak volume of the premium material.

The notifications the OnePlus 2 is crafted with the Alert Slider resembling with the Androids settings notifications. All is on the way without fishing out your device from the pocket. It send you plethora of notifications as the application permissions gives way to the information like the location, contacts and the identity. All can be blocked on the basis of the per application.