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The Oppo N3 with motorized swiveling camera is costly device

All outlets of Oppo in China are decorated with colorful banners and paintings on their glasses and windows of Oppo’s N3 forthcoming device. It is being heralded loudly and users are being attracted by all means of publicity and marketing. They are all giving out the information about the preorders of this handset. These paintings and banners are announcing what all this handset contains. All this is done in anticipation of arrival of this handset in the market shortly.


Through them we know and get the confirmation the Oppo N3 features a 5.5-inch 1080p display. More important is the news about the 16MP motorized rotating camera. Well good things are costly and similarly this master piece of technology bears a fat price tag of $700 (4928 Yuan). It is a high price for a smartphone but there others that cost even higher. It is behind iPhone 6 pricing range but still it is quite a bit. You can own pair of IUNI U3, Xiaomi Mi 4, or Meizu MX4 smartphones with this money. You may have to spend even less for a pair of these phones that you would be spending one Oppo N3. Once again, good things cost more because they deliver more.

Oppo N3 has been made with utmost care and hard work. The company has put in their best efforts to make it a true successor of the previous flagship N1. Though Oppo N1 had its own deficiencies, yet it was a popular handset and people remember it for its strong points. Oppo N1 was thrown into the market straight from the manufacturing process without any test and trials carried out. The company did incorporate innovations into that device but hurriedly brought in the market without putting through test process. As a result, it contained some deficiencies in it. It had a comically large footprint, a fiddly backside touch panel, and the 13MP powerful camera didn't give the quality of images that were expected from such a powerful photographic component.

Hopefully this time company has gone wiser and covered all those deficiencies left in Oppo N1 and Oppo N3 will be worthy of reputation that it has built during the marketing hype.

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