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The Promised Hero Product HTC One A9 Will Be Available In $688 French Carrier Orange Confirmed

The promised product of HTC is far from few days and the company is hopeful that the upcoming device will dig out the company from the crisis which is on the head of Taiwanese giant. On the contrary, the users are also excited about the device and want to know what the handset is going to offer them and at what cost. There are many rumors present about the device on media and now the recent information revealed by the French carrier Orange. The carrier updates the details of HTC One A9 on their website with the price which dissatisfies the users because of its mid-level specs, copied design, and high price.


Before this the leaked information suggested that HTC followed the Apple and upcoming device is the first example of the copied design pattern of iPhone 6 but at that time the leaked information was just a rumor and  now the image push the rumors towards fact and the handset will come in flat unibody resembling with iPhone 6s.


Though, the carrier Orange did not say much about the specs of this upcoming device but the available information is putting the device in the mid-range category because of its mediocre specs. The Smartphone will come in 5 inches display with 1080 pixels resolution which says the HTC still stuck upon this screen resolution and has 13 MP Low-resolution rear and 4 MP UltraPixel front cameras.

Logic says that the One A9 should be available in mid-level price, but the revealed price information from French carrier Orange amazes the users. They listed the device under the price tag of 599.90 Euros which is approximate $688 which seems illogical and Orange needs some correction in price because HTC did not take this foolish step to be sold mid-level device in such high a price.