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To Prevent Snooping Apple is in Effort to Build its Own Servers

After Apple apprehension about the government accessing data on its encrypted devices goes beyond the present argument with the FBI over iPhone unlocking. It is heard that Apple may be working on its own servers so the company can practice more control over security and encryption.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple supposes that third parties may have access to its new servers before they are distributed. The report says that “The servers can be interrupted during delivery with superfluous chips and firmware added to them by anonymous third parties in order to make them susceptible to penetration”.

The company even assigned a team to capture photographs of motherboards and interpret the function of each chip. Whereas building own servers with motherboards will be a best way for Apple prevent unauthorized inquiring via additional chips.

Furthermore, Apple wants a stretched control over server components, that’s why the company is trying to build and apply this strategy. According to VentureBeat Apple is working on “Project McQueen”, with this project Apple will have its own data centers around the world.

Chine isn’t sole country who is suspected of inquiring an NSA program specifically developed to interrupt dispatch of electronic and plant snooping devices which were found in 2013. There could be same reason that Apple is wants to build its own servers.