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Trio Amazon tablet series are available in USA at affordable price

Amazon was announced the new tablet series which will come from 7 inches to 10.1 inches display sizes are now available for buying in the USA. The Amazon followed the Fire HD tablet line and launches these new tablets to meet the demand of affordable tablets with a well enough configuration with a simple build. The 7 inches tablet is available in the price of $49.99 and the 10.1 inches tablet carries $229.99 price tag.

FIRE OS tablets

The prices of these tablets clearly said that the tablets contained the reasonable basic level specs and there is no high configuration is expected at this cheap price beside the camera which is only expected in the large tablet. The processor and the display resolution are also bit high in comparison with the smaller version of slates.

All of these tablets of Amazon are run Fire operating system instead of Android. There are no heavy layers of Apps are present in these tablets like any other Android Tablets. These simple tablets are able to perform the very basic requirements of the users and considered the best for the school going student as they are the handy devices and also not much expensive in price.