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Unofficial information about Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus on the surface


The Inquisitr has recently reported about Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus just last week. According to this website Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus is going to be a phablet and as like Galaxy Note stands in the same category. Phablets is the category between smartphones and tablets and it is the original line of devices from Samsung.

There has been some criticism and some negative remarks from the lobby of iPhone fans. According to them Samsung is making a desperate move to hold the market with the launching of Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus which is a 5.5 inches phablet. According to them previously Samsung predicted big sale of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge but practically it did not happen so and Samsung is only making its efforts to stay in the market in competition with iPhones.


ValueWalk mean while released the leaked images of the Galaxy S6 Plus which were initially shown on youtube channel MKBHD and they were uploaded by someone who claimed that the images were received by him through anonymous source and they were the first and the original images. That is how we have seen those images on the internet although they are not officially released.

Galaxy S6 Plus exists presently only in rumors but these rumors have strong background and they may be true; if so might come in the market pretty soon and even before much heralded Galaxy Note 5. Samsung is trying to replace Galaxy Note Edge with Galaxy Note 5. We can expect Galaxy S6 Plus will be release soon with in matter of weeks. Still there is no such confirmation and thing can change.

According to the source the Galaxy S6 Plus equipped with hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor which is not very pleasant choice because Samsung is already moved to its indigenes processors as in Galaxy S6 line earlier this year. Same controversy is with Qualcomm's Snapdragon line recently.Samsung's flagship devices feature two in-house Exynos quad-core processors; because they are considered economical in the longer run.The rumors also suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus will have 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display and has 16-megapixel rear camera.

The criticism from iPhones fans is not well founded because Samsung is a big name by itself and it needs no support to survive. Samsung phones are fairly popular on their own merit.