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Upscale S5 Prime to be launched as Samsung Galaxy F

The images of premium Samsung Galaxy F flagship leaked is supposed to be rumored Galaxy S5 Prime. The pictures show the front with doted texture which is main theme of Samsung devices this year. The back gives metallic look.

Besides the general look of the body it has the heart rate sensor fitted at the back. There is another rumor float on the internet that Samsung designed the new “F” series. The F series handset has the quality specs and finest designed but the handset is bit costly from the earlier one.

Samsung galaxy S5 Prime, Samsung KQ and Galaxy F are the same, actually these are the different name of this one handset. The “F” stands for fashion in the F series and it seems that Samsung has changed its policy or theme of using the letter “S” as an example we can quote the name of some of the flagships like The S4 Zoom camera phone successor is not named as S5Zoom but K Zoom. Similarly now the new letter “F” has been attached with the new flagships.  

The letter “F” is supposed to represent a trend in fashion, it is likewise lavishly designed

Features have been incorporated with metallic elements instead of plastic as in previous models. It is the same company that designed HTC’s flagships in aluminum and the company is also franchise of Apple, as the given the task of designing the body of new flagship product of Samsung.  As the rumor goes the specs of this Samsung Galaxy F are equally compatible with name. is has a 5.2 Quad HD Super AMOLED screen, equipped with  Snapdragon 805 processor, and has 3 GB RAM. It is also fitted with 16 Mega Pixels camera on the back having optical image stabilization feature. it is surprising the rumors are true and as speculated by joining rumors, it will be released by the end of June. It is likely to give a tough competition LG G3 in the market.


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