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US Mobile protects itself Against Xiaomi’s unauthorized seller statement

Published on Feb 3,2016 By Maq Ahmed


A few days ago, US mobile started selling Xiaomi and Meizu devices in the US and smartphones were ordered by a third party. Yesterday Xiaomi’s spoke person announced that US mobile is not authorized to sell company’s devices. Now US mobile has protected its decision in an authorized blog post.

US Mobile said that “This is nothing latest eBay, Amazon, and many other US retailers are offering Meizu and Xiaomi and various brands. However the competition with such marketplaces or retailers is that users always don’t know whom they are dealing with. The main problem is that if your device face any issue or you have any service related queries, you are caught without a warranty to back the device”

“We tried to create a better experience for our customers by collaborating with a third party distributor who trades and dispatch the mobiles. We are able to offer our customers support and local warranty on the smartphones in the US. Our customers can call US Mobile’s customer support team anytime for any type of issue related to the service or phone. They can also send mobile phone back for repairs” added by US Mobile.

US Mobile also said that it never declared to be an official distributor, and the company also mentioned on its website that the mobile phones are sold and fulfilled by its third party associates. In addition, the carrier has removed listings of the device because the devices are in testing and certification phase with its enabling carriers.

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