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USA 2nd Largest Carrier Verizon Will Offer The Nexus 6 Soon

 We already heard a lot about the device Nexus 6 or the Nexus X and users are keenly waiting to see the handset physically made by Motorola. Many news, rumors and the images are out of the handset. Recently revealed images of the handset shown that the handset has 5.9 inches large display, which is similar to Moto X 2014 the upgraded version of previously launched Moto X. Now it is expected that the new upcoming device probably will be available officially before the end of this current month. Probably the handset will get the official place on 15th October.


According to the latest rumors afloat on the internet the availability might get delayed. However we do not have any confirmed report about this, but it makes the logical sense because Google made the deal with Verizon the 2nd largest carrier of USA will be offering the Nexus 6. They added the device on their winter release schedule. This is the 2nd device Verizon will offer after the Samsung Galaxy Nexus CDMA. Still the price and the exact release date of the device are under the hood and not clear till today.

According to the recently leaked rumor the device has 5.9 inches Quad HD display. It has Quad Core Snapdragon 805 system on chip and has 13 mega pixel rear and 2.1 mega pixel front facing camera. If the rumors are true the device will be standing in high end device range.

Well we have to wait until the deal with Google and Verizon gets closed and the clear scenario will come to the surface with actual specs, price and authentic release date.   

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