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USA users don't need small windows tablets anymore Lenovo disclose the reality

Lenovo disclosed the reality. One report publicized yesterday, according to the report Lenovo makes the claim that the USA users don’t want to use small windows tablets anymore. Company stopped immediately selling of their small windows tablets in USA. Lenovo ThinkPad 10 and the 8.1 inch version of the Lenovo Miix2 are the two to suffer from this saturation. Company takes back whole stock from the USA markets and shipped the stocked in other regions like China, Japan and Brazil, where the tablets are still on demand.

Compact (small) version of the Lenovo Miix is completely removed from the USA markets by Lenovo, but 10.1 inches version is still available in USA markets.  Technalysis Research head appreciates the decision of company and accepts that the company has taken the wise step. According to the Technalysis Research head the Android tablets are selling well in comparison to small Windows tablets.

As per confirmed report North America, users love to use the Windows tablet but in big screen and the other regions especially Brazil, China and Japan markets have a strong demand of windows tablets. The screen sizes are not the issue for the users of these specified regions.

After this big step taken by Lenovo, Microsoft also cancels the plan of launching their Windows RT 8.1 powered Surface mini tablet that was expected to hit the USA markets somewhere in MAY and both companies saved themselves from massive loss.