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Use Google Search to find your lost iPhone

Lost your smartphone? Don’t worry because now hunting a phone is incredibly easy via Google. To begin your search just say ‘I lost my phone’ Google will start the search process. Recently, Google launched an app for Android smartphone and today the company rolled updates and now iPhone owners can also search their lost phones.

As per Google, the feature will be available by typing I lost my phone into the Google search bar. The app will also allow you to choose your device or tablet via the given devices list. If you have an iPhone, the app will give you five options such as find and lock your iPhone, Try calling your iPhone, Reach out to your carrier, Sign out of your phone, and Reach out for local help.

The app doesn’t have a similar potential as iPhone Cloud. At the time of searching your phone, the Google will report iPhone synced last time, whilst the find and lock your iPhone feature just contains a link to Apple’s from where iPhone users can locate, lock, or swab a lost iPhone or iPad. Though, the feature also permits users to distantly sign out of their Google account on an iPhone or iPad which is helpful for Google Pictures and Gmail users.

The similar features are accessible for Android devices, but Android device owner can set a lock screen password if they hadn’t completed it already, they can also send a note to their phone for instance, “This phone is lost. Please help give it back”. Owners can also call, locate, and erase the device from the page. For finding lost Android devices, Google gives search option which functions as long as the phone’s Google app and some other settings are enabled.

However, Google’s find my phone feature doesn’t straightly help iPhone users to locate and erase their phones. For instance, iPhone users can forget that is where to find an iPhone from a desktop. The upgrade to My Account is all about creating it easier for Google's users to discover its privacy settings hub. iPhone users can download the app via itunes Store and Android users can get this app from Playstore.