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Verizon expectedly launch MOTO X+1 on 25th September

There was much resonance about Moto 360 smart watch which Motorola had a mind to release by the end of September. This news was first heard in Google I/O. it was generally presumed that the smartwatch and Moto X+1 would be released together around end of August. Now there is a rumor the release has been postponed to end of September.  

Droid Life has mentioned that Verizon has a plan to release the MOTO X+1 on 25th September but there is no where mentioned that handset will be launched in late summer. There is a chance that Moto 360 will make the appearance before Moto X+1 or may be Verizon reveals the handset with a bit delay. In both conditions users have to wait a bit to know what Motorola upcoming flagship carries and how the handset looks like?  

September is full with the surprises. According to the sources Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is also making the appearance in the last week of September. On the other hand Apple also has an aim to reveal their handset iPhone 6 in September. Motorola Moto X did not get popularity in the market in previous August; maybe AT&T had some share in this failure. But now Motorola is determined to launch X+1 in last week of September.


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