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Verizon issues Android 4.4.4 KitKat OTA update for Galaxy S5

Verizon Wireless USA 3rd largest carrier company is active and is keeping Galaxy S5 on the move by issuing out the Android 4.4.4 KitKat update for the device known as Galaxy S5. Please be active and always have a look on the screen of your device for any update notification from Verizon.  It can come any time.

 The new update is not really very different from the previous one. Android 4.4.4 kitKat adds several security fixes and bugs corrected and have some improvement on the user interfaces which are not very different from the previous update 4.4.2. However Galaxy S5 webpage does not reflect this updating notification. However Verizon has started rolling out the new update and Galaxy S5 will ultimately show it on their page, maybe very soon.


Many users have observed the changes in the new update. The Google+ posts show improvement in finger print scanner and animation much better than before. The visual voice mail and Bluetooth connectivity has been improved and lost in voice quality has been corrected. Beside that interface has also been improved; the Landscape is now support on lock screen. The emergency call button is now available on lock screen just by swipe.

Verizon is giving out the update in smart pieces and not complete in one file. Many users maybe worried about this incomplete receipt of update from the originator. They should know that the update is actually being provided in parts. The new update has the firmware version set to KTU84P.G900VVRU1ANHA and it will surely be the final KitKat build that we will see released for any Samsung Galaxy S5 phone.

Google is also preparing to launch the official updates of new Android 5.0 Lollypop. USA carriers and Samsung will start optimize the new windows for their handsets soon. After the release of new operating system Samsung will surely convince the carriers to ready their handsets and launch the first Android L updated before the end of this year.

Keep in mind that the new firmware is revolved in parts and that user should use the Wi-Fi connection when the KitKat notification arrives for the device. Download the files and Verizon Galaxy S5 completes the Android 4.4.4 Update by itself.

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