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Verizon Version of LG G4s appeared model number LG VS986

Some device has been identified on the Verizon website with the model number LG VS986 which has not been clearly disclosed. This model number is just the next number to previous LG G3 model number LG VS985 giving a hint that it would be the next device LG G4 to be released through Verizon. Recently there have been other model numbers, LG VS999 seen in the media hinting as next flagship from LG. This handset seems to carry 1620x 2820 pixels resolution display.

Two days back model number H811 was seen on Wi-Fi alliance certification running Android 5.0 and next model of LG G4 because LG H810 was rumored model number of LG G4 exclusively designed for AT&T.

Similarly there are other models exclusively being made for three carrier companies of South Korea; they are F500L (for LG Telecom), F500K (for Korea Telecom), and F500S (for SK Telecom). All three versions carry 1440 x 2560 display.

The price and the release date of the handset is still under the cover but it is expected that LG G4 will be released during MWC 2015.