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ViVO X5MAX might have the mini version known as X5F

Oppo R5 is still stands in front of thinnest handset with 4.85 measures dimensions but very soon ViVo fetch the slimmest handset title from Oppo and launch the thinnest handset named ViVo X5 MAX with the 4.0 mm slim body measurements.

 The ViVo X5 MAX will be appear officially on December 10th and get the position of world most slimmest handset. The device is featured with 5.5 inches display having 1080 pixels resolution and has the power of 1.7GHz Octa Core processor with MediaTek silicon chipset. It has 2GB of RAM and 13 mega pixel rear camera and all these things packed inside the slimmest metal body.


But what we heard that ViVo is busy in making the smaller version of their upcoming handset X5Max. According to the recent leak the mini version might known as ViVo X5F and the handset appear in TENAA China telecommunication website. The handset has 5 inches display and will have the same MediaTek system on chip which has the expected speed of 1.5GHz. The remaining specs are still not known.

The latest version is not slim as the elder one and measures 143.3 × 71.1 × 6.3 mm and according to the measurements the new handset will be 1.55 mm thick than the ViVo X5 Max. The most logical reason of making this version of the device is the solid physic because the ViVoX5 Max is not only have the slim body but the handset is also large in size and wide. Well for knowing more about the next upcoming version of ViVo X5Max we need to wait.