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Vodafone Rolled out Wi-Fi calling Service to Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge in the UK


In early autumn Vodafone launched its WiFi calling service. Users of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are actually able to use this feature, but today Vodafone publicized that the service will be available for Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge users as well. 

Vodafone announced that the WiFi calling service will be available on the S6 and S6 Edge and other list of compatible handsets as well. The company also highlighted the slothful rate at which the service will be available. Using this service will make you able to make calls in a location where mobile signals are difficult to come. But to use this service data connection is necessary.


Whether you are down in the basement, inside the house, or even a local coffee shop you would be still able to make a call via Wi-Fi calling feature. It is a helpful feature that people are going to enjoy the most.

A few months ago in April, Vodafone was first to launch app free Wi-Fi calling service. Now the feature is available on over 15 handsets. Most of the new phones will support this feature, but the condition is when carrier will roll new updates to those handsets.

To avail this handy service all you need to do is text to 97888, and you will opt for the service. It is a great addition to Vodafone service and the carrier impel £2 billion into the infrastructure. Still, there are many places where you have no signals, so Wi-Fi calling will be useful feature that is going to fix the issue.

It is great news for UK citizens, let’s bump to the service and enjoy app free Wi-Fi calling of Vodafone.