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What Apple Going To Reveal Complete Details Of Apple Upcoming Event Are Here

We all know that Apple is going to host the event on 9th September where the company is going to reveal the most wanted handset of 2014 Apple iPhone 6. Most of the fans of iPhone 6 are keenly waiting to get the handset and want to know all the details about the handset. Only two days are left to get all the details about the new upcoming handset iPhone 6. Here is some information about where users can get the complete details and what they are expecting to see during the event.


Venue of the Event

The event will take the official place in the state of California Apple’s home town at 10 AM. Users can easily watch the complete event from their own home and office as well. Apple provides the facility to the exclusive Apple users to view the keynote speeches on other devices as well. Users can get the keynotes speech on any model of iPhone, iPad or iPod. The video can be directly watched from official site of Apple. Video is viewable in Safarai browser.

Users Expectations

It is confirmed that both versions of iPhone 6 will take the official place with iWatch. The press invitees wrote, "Wish we could say more". It is also strongly believed that Apple will also unwrap some few things more which are kept hidden till today from everyone. Company arranged the large venue for announcement of the giant. Keynote speeches will be delivered by Tim Cook Apple CEO and Senior Vice Presidents Craig Federigh.

Expected New Features

We all know that company has a plan to reveal both versions. One version has 4.7 inches screen and the other one has 5.5 inches display. It is expected that the handset is featured with Sapphire Glass. This is one of the most durable materials and costly too; it costs 7 times than the other types of glass. Apple used Gorilla Glass on previous handsets. The power button will appear on the side of the handset and the voice command ‘SIRI’ is also upgraded.

The handset body will have curved glass edges; the design is similar with new iPad design. There is another rumor afloat that the handset has faster Wi-Fi chip, a much improved and better Touch ID fingerprint sensor, an A8 processor, and 13-megapixel camera, as well.

If Apple follows their trend then it is expected that the handset will be avaiable in the markets after 10 days of announcement but it is expected that the 5.5 inches version will get some delay and would hit the markets somewhere in December.



Apple's take the first step toward the wearable which is known as iWatch.  The wearable will take the official place along with iPhone 6. It appears as though there are multiple diverse kinds of smartwatches. We heard about the smartwatch as well that the smartwatch that includes a smart strap, which has integrated sensors and controls to host a portable unit that can be removed.

iOS 8


There is still something new for the users in iOS 8. iOS 8 will almost undoubtedly be pre-installed onto the new phones, and will optimistically become available for the rest of users to download by the day after the event.

This new smartphone operating system will construct continuity between all Apple devices, allowing users to AirDrop music and photos from a Macbook or iPad directly onto the phone.


Apple is still keeping quite in the price issue of the handset iPhone 6. Some experts have anticipated the cost of the handset that the handset has $100 more than the iPhone 5S because the usage of Sapphire Glass in the handset. If the handset comes without Sapphire Glass, the cost of the handset will automatically be reduced.

So users, be ready for the event, one of the most wanted handsets of 2014, iPhone 6 is almost here and you can watch the details and the event of Apple on coming Tuesday.

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