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Why Pay more for Find 7 As against 7a same performance

Very recently a comparison between Oppo Find 7 and the Oppo Find 7a. the two siblings having the same performance does not justify higher price for Oppo Find 7.

This raises a question whether the price is for the performance or the tag alone. This puts the future of Oppo Find 7 in doubt as compared to Oppo Find 7a. However  it does not seem justified and logical to ask for more money if there were no differences. There has got to be something really different in both.

Although yet wrapped in mystery, Find 7 has much higher resolution display and logically should look better and sharper. It is only a news because the two sets have not surfaced in the market. It is said that Find 7 camera will have a special procedure for merging compound pictures resulting in one 50MP image. It is believed from the secrets known so far that this process really creates images better in quality and general aspect. However Find 7a surpasses it in color quality than Oppo Find 7 in general. 

The point to high light here is the ongoing competition between better performance and better specifications. Some users prefer specifications to performance. Yet thewre are others who go for performance in their routine use of the device.