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Wi-Fi Care: Christmas Lights and Electronic Devices could Decelerate Wi-Fi Speed

A British report described that your Wi-Fi speed could affect easily by electronic devices and lights. If your Wi-Fi connection is near an electronic device such as LCD or LED, and refrigerator etc it can easily slow down your Wi-Fi speed.  Christmas lights also play major role in slowing down your Wi-Fi speed, those lights act as a device which can discharge an RF radio frequency which can impend with a wireless signal. It is very annoying when internet speed creates problems on special events, when users want to stream videos and use new technology.

To solve this problem OFCOM launched an app to check the internet connection.  The company also released a report which shows its new “Superfast Broadband services” which has the ability to solve internet speed issue. High performance internet connection will enable users to solve the problem and improve the quality of their internet connection.

Almost everyone uses Wi-Fi on mobiles so this application will help them in checking the quality of internet signals and speed. In short, it is an on-screen signal meter, which not only expose internet speed and quality, but also provides useful tips and advices to get better the connection.

This app is available in iOS and Android mobiles in iTunes Stores or in the Google play Store respectively with the “Wi-Fi Checker” name.  Go to Play Store or iTunes Store and search for Wi-Fi checker.  This application provides an assessment report with description why you’re broadband and Wi-Fi network is not working, and which can be caused to down Wi-Fi signals. There are different things that effect Wi-Fi speed you should avoid from them such baby monitors, microwave ovens, cordless telephones, Christmas or Fairy Lights. These interfaces can jam or slow down the Wi-Fi signals with poor internet connectivity outcome.   
Location of router is another important thing that can’t be ignored when accelerating performance of the internet. Location can speed up or slow down internet quality so keep router in the middle of the house. If router creates a connectivity problem, just restart it your problem will be solved.