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Windows Phone implies A File Manager For Batter Service

Recently Micro Soft Windows Executive held a conference to answer anything about the user’s queries and it was particularly pointed out that Windows Phone 8.1 will have a full flagged file manager only to resolve mobile issues.

This was based on the users experience feedback which highlighted the importance of having the file manager.

Micro Soft executive felt very enthusiastic about a simple question about file manager and he gave a very Cortana T-shirt to the person who asks the question.

He confirms the news and told this development is taking on pretty well. He further confirms and expresses his desire to install a file manager by end of May. He explains through images how the file manager would be looking and how it would be functioning. Since the windows phone was introduced the existence of the file manager was felt missing.

A very funny example was quoted; no windows phone file manager is like beech with any sand.



The users face the difficulty to manage their data without the file manager and try to search the complete phone if they want to search the specific file quickly. Now Micro Soft tries to resolve the user’s problem and gave them a proper platform in the shape of file manager.