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Xiaomi adopts pressy android accessory will come in the market next week

Ingenuity  and hard work behind the scene does show in quality of product. This is the case with Xiaomi. It is coming up very fast and producing an ideal combination of quality and cost.

Xiaomi devices are like by all in China. Company has put pressy android accessory making it more flexible and economical and left far behind its competitors in the market. It has produced a wonderful device which is ideal in price and performance. The pressy android accessory has been effectively and successfully used before. It is simple, interesting and single button operated plug in the headphone jack.

It performs multiple task like taking picture, operating flash light, social network connecting and others. Though pressy planned to launched it in march in the kick starter but nothing has been heard so far.

It is learnt that Xiaomi might be released in 2nd week of April, without the partnership of any USA company. It is a bad news for pressy that Xiaomi has really cut down the prices in an un imaginable 79 cent price as against pressy 27 USD price.

Pressy has responded that they had an idea of this knock off version and particularly from a reputed company. However facing the reality pressy is preparing to deal with the saturation as suitable.