Xiaomi introduces a concept phone with quad-curved Waterfall Display

2021-02-05 12:11:44 Views

Today, Xiaomi has introduced a new concept phone that takes curved displays to the next level. The phone builds upon the expertise Xiaomi gained with the Mi Mix Alpha concept phone, and it has a quad-curved Waterfall Display.

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Xiaomi has brought many innovations in smartphones to improve their capabilities and make them look super-futuristic. Back in 2019, the company announced the Mi Mix Alpha concept phone that came with a wrap-around display. However, unlike the Mi Mix Alpha, the latest device has a “quad-curved Waterfall Display” (not just the sides but also the top and bottom). There are no ports or buttons on the device, and the official video shows that the phone may have touch sensors to adjust volume and access power functions. Because there is no charging port either, the Xiaomi quad-curved waterfall display concept phone may have wireless charging support. The video indicates that Xiaomi has moved the status bar to the right side, giving a cleaner look to the front portion of the display. Along with the video, Xiaomi has also shared an image for the Waterfall Display concept phone that reveals some additional info. According to the image, the device has a unibody design and the display curves at 88° over the edges.

Author : Sajid Ayaz