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Xiaomi Mi 5 will be release before the end of this year

In CES Xiaomi was launched their two tablets; Xiaomi Mi Note and Xiaomi Mi Note Pro and after that users are expecting to see Xiaomi Mi5 in MWC, but disappoint to the some extent because the phablet still not announced there.

Xiaomi Mi5 is the successor of Xiaomi Mi4 which was released in July last year. Gizmo China confirmed that the Xiaomi Mi5 will not be released in any case before the end of this year and probably the device will be announced in September during IFA. If the rumor comes true then there is complete one-year gap present between the release of the successor and the predecessor.

There are no official words we heard from anywhere about the features of Xiaomi Mi5, but we have a general idea that the handset has 5 inches large display or might be 5.2 inches because the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro both have 5.7 inches screens, but it is also expected that for the variation Xiaomi will not be launched devices with same size so this point is going to 5 inches screen which is ideal.

Prototype image of Xiaomi Mi5

Well for more information about the device and its feature we need to wait for official confirmation and the price and release date will also disclose before a month from the exact launch date.