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Xiaomi Mi5 Got The 3C Approval Certificate From China And Ready To Launch Soon

We are expecting to have the Redmi Note 2 Pro in 24th November, but here we see Xiaomi Mi5 certified from China. It means there is a chance that the device makes the public appearance with Redmi Note 2 Pro.


The Xiaomi Mi 5 is the latest arrival as a flagship from Xiaomi and has been certified in China. 3C certification is mandatory for all indigenous or foreign products being offered in the market for consumers.  This certification means that a particular product or device is up to required standard and safe for the consumers. After passing the certification test, the product bears the "3C" logo and the new flagship Xiaomi Mi 5 has passed this test and is ready for launching.



Xiaomi Mi 5 is ready and would be revealed in an event to be held on November 24th. In this event, the two devices would be introduced together.  Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Pro is the main device to be announced along with Xiaomi Mi 5. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Pro is almost similar to Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 but in addition, the new device carries the metal body and is equipped with the fingerprint scanner. This is the first device from China that is provided with the fingerprint reader. Both the devices have been 3C certified and both the devices would be revealed in this event of 24 November.


There is a long gap of 16 months between the launching of Mi 5 and Xiaomi Mi 4 flagship. Looking at the speed of manufacturing, this 16 months gap is far too much in launching of these two flagships. Two important things now make it easy for Xiaomi to be fast in launching the flagship; one that it has been certified and second that Snapdragon 820 has been made official. Now there should be no reason to delay it further.