Xiaomi will add document and ID card scanning, HEIC support and video tagging in MIUI 11 OS

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In September, Xiaomi has introduced many new features, and visual improvements in MIUI 11 like entirely redesigned UI, new font, updated Always-On display, and more. Recently, the company also has rolled out a stable version of MIUI 11 for Mi and Redmi devices. Currently, the XDA developers have shared a piece of news and said: “Xiaomi prepares to add document and ID card scanning, video tags, and HEIC support to MIUI 11’s Camera.”

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The Xiaomi’s MIUI 11 will offer a “Video Tagging” feature, and this new feature will allow you to set a bookmark while recording a video. When you play the recorded video from the gallery app, then it will provide the “skip directly to the bookmark” option. The new “Video Tagging feature” will help you when you record any lecture and interview as it will let you tag specific parts of the recording for easier editing.

The company is also working on the other two modes (Documents mode and ID Copy Mode) to add a document and ID card scanner to the MIUI camera that will allow you to scan various documents. The Document mode will allow you to save pictures in Black and White or strengthen the theme to make the text more readable. On the other hand, the ID Copy Mode will scan ID cards, and it will also support double-sided shooting, and it could create a 1:1 copy of an A4 ID card.

The MIUI camera app will also have HEIF/HEIC file formats for images, and it will reduce the size of images when compared to the PNG or JPG formats without losing much detail, and you’ll save more pictures in the same amount of space. Nonetheless, we are keeping our eyes on this plan and will update as we received any official info about this devolvement, so stay with us.

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