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Xperia Z4 come with metal body Fingerprint scanner attached to power button

Sony already confirmed the release date of Xperia Z4 which is April 20th. There are number of leaks and rumors afloat about this upcoming flagship of Sony. The new information leaked about the device which shows that the device is come with the metal body.

The Xperia Z4 is come with the fingerprint scanner which is the common feature of 2015 smartphones. The company places the fingerprint scanner in the power button. Sony places the fingerprint scanner at the right place because if users want to unlock the handset or make the payment and after that they forget to secure or lock the device the security would break.

Xperia Z4 is not the only device comes with the fingerprint scanner attached with the power key there is another smartphone already in the market but for Sony the challenge is to manage the scanner in the ultra-thin chassis. The price of this Android Phone is still not known, but it is expectedly revealed soon.   


There is another smartphone will make the public appearance with “Xperia Z4” named “Xperia Z3 Neo” which is the modest and upgraded version of previously launched Xperia Z3 line. For knowing more about these mobile phones stay with us.