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ZTE sell more than 55000 units yesterday of Nubia Z7 and Nubia Mini and the sales goes up

There is a saying “success finds the way”. ZTE prove the saying right. Recently ZTE launched two handsets named “Nubia Z7 Max” and “ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini”. China is the first market to get the handsets and yesterday ZTE sold more than 55000 units of cellphones in 5 minutes. The users are able to buy the handset from ZTE’s own official website from Friday. Beside the official website one selected vendor named “” also offer the handsets. 

Both handsets have similar specifications. They both offering a 1080 x 1920 resolutions display. 2GHz quad-core 2GHz Snapdragon 801 processor is placed on the handsets along with 2GB RAMS. Both handsets have a 16GB of in built memory and featured with 13 mega pixel rear and 5 mega pixel of front facing camera. However according to the specifications of the both handsets are same, but there is a difference found as well between both of them. The two non negligible differences are screen size and batteries of the handsets. Nubia Z7 Max offers 5.5 inches display while Nubia Z7 mini has a 5 inches screen. This is the reason to call the handset ‘Mini’. Nubia Z7 Max powered with 3100mAh battery and the mini energized with 2300mAh battery.

Company fixes $322 price for ZTE Nubia Z7 Max and the ‘Mini’ gets the $242 price tag. Recently the company has a plan to sell the handsets in local market, but later maybe the handset will be available in the other markets as well.