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Mobile Prices: All Latest Mobile Phone Prices In Pakistan

Cubot R11
PKR 13,800
Symphony i70
PKR 11,500
Allview P7 Lite
PKR 11,500
Allview P9 Life
PKR 16,100
Doogee s50
PKR 31,050
Allview P8 Pro
PKR 13,800
Archos Core 60s
PKR 10,350
Ulefone Armor X
PKR 34,500
Tecno Camon i Air
PKR 13,800
CoolPad Roar 5
PKR 8,050
Huawei Mate SE
PKR 28,750
BLU Vivo One
PKR 16,100
PanaSonic P100
PKR 9,200
BLU Vivo X
PKR 34,500
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Smartphone industry of Pakistan is still in its nascent stage. The industry though in its nascent stage is one of the largest in Asia, thanks to overwhelming population of the country.The smartphone makeup of the country is somewhat complex and it can be really tricky to know the most selling brand. The only definite aspect of Pakistani industry is dominance of lower end mobile prices in Pakistan.

Smartphone market in country is dominated by mid-priced smartphones that offer affordability with reasonable features. Unlike some other Asian markets like Saudi Arabia and China, which are dominated by high-end costly cell phones, Pakistani market is more diverted to a middle priced category of smartphones.

Low affordability range of the country’s market is associated with its bleak economic condition. However, in past few years there have been some significant improvement in economic condition of the country, which is also expected to continue in future. Coming back to smartphone industry in Pakistan, the most sold cell phones in Pakistan remains in price bracket of 10,000 to 20,000 PKR (100 to 200 USD).

Mobile prices in Pakistan has remained the decisive feature for success or failure of international and national brands. Q-Mobiles was the first most successful android based smartphone distributor in country and has been able to remain at the top of the list for quite a time now. Q-mobiles introduced Chinese manufactured premium featured smartphones in market at significantly lower prices. The mobile phones were an instant hit and in no time the company became the bestselling smartphone brand in the country.

Since then, many Chinese based smartphones brand have entered the competition with Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo leading. These smartphones devise a strategy based on tackling needs of Pakistani smartphone users together with maintaining lower mobile prices in Pakistan. Today, these Chinese brands together accounts for nearly 60% to 70% of market shares together.

The only international brand that do invest and succeed to account for significant market share is Samsung. The Korean smartphone giant invested in devising some intelligently built smartphones that meet the needs of users, while at the same time was able to keep a cap on mobile prices in Pakistan. Lately, Samsung has launched its new “j” series in market, aimed to meet the lower price segment of market. The “J” series has been a brilliant launch by Samsung and in no time the company was able to snatch few shares towards itself. The flagship “Galaxy S” series has also been doing reasonable lately and accounts of nearly half of the total sales of Samsung mobiles in Pakistan. However, higher mobile prices in Paksitan for “Galaxy S” series has been hurting its sales lately, where the latest Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge hasn’t been able to attract many customers in the country.

Iphone has remained out of Pakistani market and for good. Consumer’s preference for low mobile phone prices in pakistna doesn’t suit the APPLE Inc. marketing theme that aims for maximum profits. Few others brands that have done reasonably well in Pakistani mobile industry include Motorola, LG, HTC etc.