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5 Best Selfies Smartphones Emerging In 2015

Maq Ahmed Editor Rating: 4 / 5

The year 2015 has the privilege to see a big new thing in the form of selfies smartphones. Now we unearth the 5 best smartphones for taking selfies accessible to buy in 2015.


1. HTC Desire Eye

We are greatly inspired with the HTC Desire Eye: it's extra ordinary fast, it carries stunning value and it can be bought worth around USD350), its sounds great while with a handsome screen. No doubt, it is still better and enhances your pretty look even more. 

2. Nokia Lumia 735

The Nokia on the market is the fun, so Lumia 735 in reality is an ideal smartphone for the selfies. We can picture at just USD189 of a teen girl and a boy, Windows Phone, it has added the value to their Christmas to do list. It ranges from low-to middle range price and looking to the performance, it is sufficient. Not only this but we also appreciate the extras, means microSD support, 4G LTE and the Qi wireless charging. The ray of hope emerges about the Lumia Denim update that is enough to fire up the camera a little bit quicker. 


3. HTC One M9

genuinely desirable smartphone, The HTC One M9 is in reality a truly attractive smartphone available in Android land around with Samsung which goes upping the ante. We feel pleasured to have a look at the powerful Snapdragon 810 with extra memory. Let us come to the hardware, it is as it is, means M8 users have no likelihood for the temptation, means they will fall to the temptation regarding the up gradation but the old model at present is an attractive item to buy at around USD350. The fact remain that the Galaxy S6 carries the same price with added immersive specs which is not a good point for HTC


4. Samsung Galaxy S6

So far, Samsung's Galaxy S6. But we yet have to see what's to come from the Sony Xperia Z4 and the LG G4. It is built in a good manner and fast too. The screen is no doubt wonderful and the software does not let intrude. The scanner with regard to fingerprint is widely improved. For some users the hard rate scanner is a potential draw, the fast charging insertion is a welcome step. We hope that the price will bring down and we are cock sure of it. The negative point is and is shameful also that is we have lost the battery which is not removable, waterproofing and microSD support. It is not a big problem but all the things will remain steady and we will stay alive with all these things.


5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

We cannot deny the attractiveness of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone and the design lowers our spirits when it comes to the flaws such as sharp edges. The non removable battery is an inevitable result, how surprising that it is lacking in waterproofing and a microSD card slot. With the wonderful screen, the hardware is also strong along with fast processor coupled with great all-round camera. 

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