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5 Upcoming Smartphones of 2014 with highest Expectations

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Motorola Moto X+1 (X2):

Motorola Moto X2 latest image

Earlier this year, it was announced by the officials of Motorola that Moto X+1 will be launched in the third quarter of this year and it’s been more than 3-4 months that we haven’t heard anything about the exact launch date of Moto X+1 but wait, just now that we are writing about this, it’s so strange that the officials have finally announced the release of Moto X+1 and according to the manufacturer, it will be released in August 2014 which is not that far and we just have to wait for another 2-3 weeks for experiencing this amazing smart phone. Motorola Moto X+1 smart phone is the second edition in the Motorola family and it’s the second smart phone after Moto X that was released last year. Just like the previous model, this smart phone has number of elements same as Moto X. For example, the officials have claimed that the screen on Moto X+1 is 5.2 inches only 0.5 inch bigger than the previous model. The screen is full HD with resolution of 1080X1920 and this will allow the users to experience HD video watching on the smart phone display. This smart phone includes 2.3GHz processor with chipset snapdragon 800 and 3GB of Ram. We also know that this phone will be equipped with 32GB of internal memory and it will support up to 128GB of external memory. There are two cameras on this smart phone including 12MP of rear facing primary camera and 5MP of front facing secondary camera. It is also expected that Motorola Moto X+1 will come with android 4.4.4.

Samsung Galaxy F:

GalaxyF New image

Samsung has recently launched Galaxy S5, a very exciting and excellent addition to the Galaxy family and even when the smart phone is still selling like a hot cake, Samsung has decided to launch its two new flagship smart phones at the end of this year and we don’t know anything sure about one of those two models but we can say that one of them is definitely Galaxy F. Galaxy F is actually a similar but better model of the same previous model Galaxy S5 and along with number of other features and modification, this model will have a brushed metal back cover on the battery. For quite some time, Samsung is being criticized because of using cheap plastic bodies on its expensive smart phone models and the reason that people like HTC More than Samsung is because of HTC’s sleek metal bodies of smart phones. This is why Samsung has decided to launch a new smart phone with brushed metal surface and besides the outlook of a metal, this smart phone will have 5.3 inch super AMOLED screen with resolution 1440X2560. We don’t know anything about the camera for sure but there are two features that definitely will be in Galaxy F including water proof body and finger print scanner under the home button.

Google Nexus 6:

nexus6 concept image

When Google released Nexus 5 smart phone, there were rumors that it is the last Nexus smart phone by Google but soon the manufacturer announced that it is going to produce more of the Nexus smart phone models and we know for sure that the next Nexus 6 is going to be released in September 2014. There are some leaks about the features and specs of Nexus 6 and by reviewing that, it is sure that this smart phone is going to highly compete with Galaxy Note 4 by Samsung that is also soon to be released within weeks. The most amazing feature of Nexus 6 will be the 2.0GHz of Octa-Core processor with SOC chip and 3GB of Ram. As we know that Phablets are huge success for quite some time so this smart phone will also compete with many tablets PCs with its 5.5 inch screen and high resolution along with more pixel density. We also know that there will be good improvement in the battery as Nexus 5 was majorly criticized because of its low battery timing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

galaxy note 4 concept image

Galaxy Note 3 that was released last year was a huge success in the market and to keep up the expectations of buyers, Samsung is going to release its 4th generation smart phone the Note 4 with more features and improvements. It’s sure that this smart phone will have 5.7 inch super AMOLED screen but we are not sure if it will be a flat screen or a curved one depending on what the manufacturer wants to introduce in the market. It is also expected that Note 4 will have 2.7GHz of processor with chipset SOC 805 and GPU of Adreno 420 along with 3GB of Ram. There are also some rumors about the Note 4 having more powerful 16MP ISOCELL camera that will make it the smart phone of next generation and a flagship model by the manufacturer. It’s also stated by some sources that Note 4 will have android L operating system which was released a few months back by the developers.

Apple iPhone 6:

upcoming iphone6 models

Each year Apple releases a new model of iPhone and every model is said to the most amazing model of smart phone and we expect the iPhone 6 to the just like that. The best thing about this smart phone is that the manufacturer will release two different models of iPhone 6; one with 4.7 inch screen and the other with 5.5 inch bigger screen. The camera on each model will be the same as the iPhone 5 but there are major improvements made to the quality of the camera and OIS is also added to it. This phone will also be equipped with iOS 8 that is recently released by Apple earlier this year. Same as before, each model of iPhone 6 will have 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of internal memory options and there are some leaks that this mobile phone may support external memory up to 128GB too. Apple is also going to release the smart phone of next generation, the iPhone 6 in the next month along with many other smart phone releases and we just have to wait for couple of weeks before experiencing the best smart phone ever released by Apple.

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