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6 Extra Features in Sony Xperia Z3 compare to Galaxy Note 4

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If you are trying to search around the different features in different smartphones, there is plenty to study and lot to know about different smartphones. Being very relevant about the latest devices, Sony Xperia Zz3 and Galaxy Note 4 are the latest devices just launched by the manufacturers in the IFA 2014. Both have their unique features and a lot to boast upon. The aim is not to belittle one against the other. Here we are discussing Sony Xperia Z3 and Galaxy Note 4 and we find six extra features in Sony Xperia Z3 which are not there in Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It is just for the user’s interest and knowledge to make your own decision whether to make a deal or for break the deal after knowing the features of the both.

Users can exercise their own discretion for decision making and buying the one they like. Here are the extra features that Sony Xperia Z3 has and Galaxy Note 4 lacks.

PS4 Remote Play that joining the smart phone with other device

Sony has succeeded in applying the trick of remote connection of the smartphones with the other device like your home smart TV. Sony provided this feature to Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact. The feature is known as PS4 Remote play support. You can just connect your smartphone and the games you are playing on with your home TV through the Wi-Fi and start playing the game on big screen. This feature is not only with the big screen you can connect with your friends through Wi-Fi and enjoy this play station app and as well communicate with them. You can buy the PS4 games and download them and transfer to the consol and start enjoying this feature. This feature is not present in the Galaxy Note 4.

The Wicked Sound

Samsung put this wonderful feature in their Galaxy Note 4. The 192GHz high resolution capacity. On the contrary Sony came out with more audio tricks. Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact contain high resolution audio, clear audio, digital noise counselor and DSEEHX which enhances the quality of MP3 and AAC files. Sony also compressed in it play list on Sony’s own cloud based playlist, music unlimited 8 and 3D sound technology. All these features are missing in the Galaxy Note 4.

Stereo speakers facing front

There are many other devices who have being given the quality of clear sound with stereo effect and loud voice and have also succeeded in it. Sony Xperia Z3 surpasses others in this respect also by placing the front facing stereo speakers with crystal clear sound and lets you enjoy the loud music of your choice when you feel like hearing loud and clear voice. Here in this space Galaxy Note 4 is also far behind with only one speaker at the back. Obviously there is no comparison between the two front facing speakers of good stereo quality and one single speaker on the back. Xperia wins in this regard also.

Better Quality OF Photography

Visuals and color play has been the expertise of Sony. They have been the pioneer in colored pictures may it be on the television screen or photograph through camera, they have been best known in this regard. Galaxy Note 4 also has good results of its camera installed in the device but it is nowhere near Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact. Sony has put latest ½.3 ExmorRSfor mobile sensor,BIONZ engine for processing and 25mm wide angle Sony G Lens. It is the Sony that has been supplier of photo sensors for the entire industry and they have made it their forte to develop and manufacture such sensors. Being the originator they are the leader also. Galaxy Note 4 being the product of Samsung does not have these winning components thereby lacks behind Sony in photographic aspect.

Multi Camera and Video Recording from different angles

Here is another feature and it is multi camera and filming from different angles. Take three cameras and start shooting from different angles and buy there connectivity you will have simultaneous multi directional photography done. This multi camera feature is the innovation of Sony which it has fully utilizes in its smartphone and experimented it to a successful end and surpassed all others. Galaxy Note 4 does not have these features. We are mentioning Galaxy Note 4 here because these two giants and flagships were launch together in IFA 2014 in competition with each other, therefore we are comparing the features of the both and mentioning that has the winning edge and in what respect. Galaxy Note 4 does not have this multi camera feature and cannot compare with Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact.

 Shit from iOS to Windows Phone

There may be operating system difference between Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact and if you are thinking to change over, the transfer should not bother you. Sony has been wise enough to have the flexibility and giving allowance to make Android, iOS or windows operating system. Sony made it compatible by Xperia Transfer Mobile App. This application allows you to transfer all your data from your old iOS and move it to Xperia Phone. We do not claim it to be the perfect data transfer operation but be sure you will not the much of a looser and shall have your data safely transferred to the new operating system. But we mentally prepared for some lose. Just bear it and be happy with the data you got.

The above features are plus in the Sony Xperia Z3 and the Z3 Compact as compare to Galaxy Note 4. There may be unique extra features in Galaxy Note 4 which are not there in Sony Xperia Z3 or Z3 Compact. Galaxy may be winning in some other regard and leaving Xperia behind.     

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