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6 Smartphone related technologies of the future

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Virtual key to everything in your smart phone: 

A few years back when mobile technology was not this advanced, people used to think of mobile as a device only used to make and receive voice calls but now we can see that mobile phones do a lot more than that. But even if you think that making a mobile phone this better is enough, you are wrong. Smart phone technology is going to new heights very soon and a few years in the future, you will be able to do things that seem impossible these days. Along with many other advantages, there will be no need for you to keep keys to your home, office or vehicle but you can unlock any place or device with your smart phone. This technology is in early stages of development but it gives us enough hope to just wait and see the technology in practical just a few years later.

virtual use smartphone key in image

Better knowledge of your environment:

These days, using smart phones for navigation and positioning is a common thing and people use this technology all the time when they travel inside or outside their towns. But, future has promised us to take this technology to the next level where we can observe the environment where we are walking in a better way. With the screen of the smart phone, we will be able to look at our surroundings in a different styles and this will allow us to understand the basic fundamentals of our surroundings and systems i.e. eco system. For example, you are walking down the street and you see a strange looking flower somewhere. Now you don’t need to take a picture and ask your biology teacher about the plant but you can just scan the plant with your smart phone camera and your device will show you everything about the plant including its name, age, specie and genre. Keep in mind that this is just a basic assumption of what this technology will enable us to do and the real features of this modern technology lies far away from our imagination.

Connect in middle of nowhere:

If you are out of your town or even country and you want to access internet, you can’t connect to your home internet connection but you have to search for a public Wi-Fi connection which is a big problem because of the password protection and the possibilities of hacking in your device. thanks to the modern technology, we have news from the network developers that soon no one will need to connect to a public network while visiting some other place but he will be able to connect to his own Wi-Fi connection which will be transported to him via other networks even if he is thousands of miles away from his home. If you want to understand this theory in simple words, understand this; you can connect to your home internet connection from anywhere in the world and the distance between you and your home internet connection will be covered with other internet connections. It’s just a matter of time when we will actually see this technology in our hands soon a few years later.

wi-fi anywhere in image

Charge wirelessly:

If you are using your home internet connection from the middle of a jungle in Africa, what’s the benefit of doing this if your cell phone battery keeps dying after a few hours. Yes it’s true that without being able to charge your smart phone periodically, no technology will have any benefits for you. To solve this problem, wireless charging is here and we have seen this technology in many of the smart phones of 2014 including Galaxy S5 and Nokia Lumia 1020. Although this technology has its limitations these days but soon we will be able to charge our smart phones wirelessly from thousands of miles away from the power source and this technology will make us to touch new heights of technology and modern development when we don’t need to have a power source to charge out cell phone devices.

Wireless charger in image

Changed form of the smart phone:

Over the past couple of years, we have seen some of the major updates and latest features in the shapes and styles of smart phones especially in the field of LCD displays. From pretty basic screens, now smart phones are equipped with real life looking screens or flexible displays with HD colors and graphics. If you really think that the technology has reached its limits, you are completely wrong. The real development has just started and there will be a time in near future when users will have the ability to fold their smart phones like a tissue paper and these flexible smart screens will be able to transmit real 3D or even holographic images. With the invention of flexible screens, keep in your mind that we are half way there and we just need to wait for a little longer before actually experiencing the real flexible or foldable screens and smart phones.

Next chages in smartphone form in image

Voice recognition:

You may wonder that smart phones of 2014 have the ability to understand the voice so how this technology is still going to come in the future? The answer is that the technology of voice recognition is a general type in which the smart phone doesn’t recognize the voice but just understands the command being said in the voice. But in near future we will be able to operate our entire smart phone with voice commands including making calls, writing text messages, opening apps and doing routines tasks on your smart phones with your own voice and the more interesting news is that you will be able to unlock and secure your smart phone with your voice which means no more need to enter passwords or key phrases to unlock the device. This also explains that you don’t need to worry about your cell phone anymore because even if someone steals it, he won’t be able to use it because of the voice recognition feature that helps the smart phone to work only with your voice and appears to be dead if someone else tries to operate it besides the real owner. 

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