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When it comes to buy a smart phone, there are different perspectives that people look for. Some want good camera features in their smart phone where some want high quality massive screen that makes everything high definition. There are many elements that make a mobile phone worth purchasing but the most important thing about a smart phone is its battery timing and what amount of call time it offers. Even if you are looking for a good camera smart phone and this is the only feature you require in your mobile, you can’t use camera longer without good quality battery and if you are looking for big screen, what will you do if your phone’s battery dies after 4-5 hours of video playback.

Yes we can’t leave other features behind but battery duration is like the one most impotent feature of a smart phone that you need to analyze. If you are buying a smart phone that is expensive and offers an excellent camera and screen features but it’s not equipped with high battery power, you are not making a smart choice. On the contrary, if you are going to buy a cheaper phone which has lower screen resolution and the camera is also not that good but the battery timing is excellent, you are making a good choice. Keep in mind that you can look for any feature you want but at the end, it’s all about the talk time it provides you and the standby time you get.

We have made the decision of buying a smart phone easier for you and here is a list of 7 best smart phones of 2014 which are listed as their battery durations. You can look for the features you want in your smart phone also examine the battery duration it will provide you and you can get yourself a pretty smart mobile phone.

1.       Motorola Droid Maxx:
Many users and critics has stated that Motorola Droid Maxx is one of the top smart phones of 2014 and it has a lot to offer including a big colorful screen, sleek and slim design, metallic body and excellent battery timing. Droid Maxx has the most durable battery timing in all smart phones and it offers it offers more than 15 hours of video playback which means you can talk more than 20 hours on 2G network and more than 17 hours on 3G network.
There are many features that Droid Maxx is offering to its customers such as excellent voice command which makes it easier to launch various applications with just one command, big screen that shows all the notifications on the screen and one of the best smart phone cameras is also equipped in Droid Maxx.
There are many feature in Droid Maxx that attracts the users but the best feature is its battery. Droid Maxx is equipped with 3500mAh battery which gives 14.5 hours of video playback and more than 20 hours of talk time. This is comparatively higher than HTC one and Samsung Galaxy S4. With Droid Maxx, you don’t need to charge your phone for two days if you are just using it for calling, taking photos and playing videos but not doing all that at the same time.
There are many questions about the quality and price of this smart phone. As long you talk about its quality, there is nothing wrong with this smart phone and the big screen makes it easier for user interface. Droid Maxx also offers gorilla glass 3 which makes the swipe and touch smoother as compared to other mobiles. But when it comes to the price, its expensive than other smart phones but if you can afford it, you have got yourself the best smart phone of 2014 with the longest battery life.

2.       Nokia Lumia 1520:
Nokia has introduced a full range or Lumia phones and Lumia 1520 is the latest addition in this family. With this range of smart phones, Nokia introduced wireless charging dock in Lumia 925 for the first time in the mobile industry and you can use it as a good camera phone too.
Lumia 1520 offers a 6 inch full HD screen which is like the best feature of this smart phone. It also offers 1080 p display and it’s more than the HD resolution. With this screen resolution, you can watch HD movies direct on your phone and capture HD photos with the rare camera.  Lumia 1520 is also equipped with 20 megapixel camera which is one of the highest resolution cameras in the smart phone industry and it has left most of the other successful mobiles behind just because of this camera quality.
Lumia 1520 offer 3400mAh battery which is slightly lesser than the Droid Maxx but when you realize the price of this smart phone, there is no other phone that offers this good battery timing and with that lower price range. It offers more than 14 hours of video playback and you can talk continuously for more than 15 hours on 2G network. 

3.       Samsung Galaxy Note 3:
Samsung has revolutionized the mobile industry and user interface with its galaxy line of smart phones and the latest addition to the galaxy family is the Galaxy Note 3 with gear. This is one of the best smart phones of 2014 and there are much more to discover with Note 3.
First of all, it’s is equipped with 5.7 inch screen which makes it easier to use it as a smart phone or a smaller tablet PC. The color ratio and pixel quality is the best in this smart phone and you can take excellent HD quality photos with 13.1 megapixel camera with Note 3. It also comes with gear which is like a watch you put on your wrist and with this watch, you get notifications about your emails text messages, missed calls and you can operate your entire phone with this gear.
When it comes to the battery life, Galaxy Note 3 has a lot to offer. Note 3 comes with 3200mAh battery which provides you more than 15 hours of video playback and you can talk more than 18 hours on 2G network and about 15 hours on 3G network. Although the battery duration is less than Motorola Droid Maxx but still it’s the best smart phone that you can get in this price.

4.       LG G Flex:
LG G Flex has reached the third best smart phone of 2014 in our list and it is equipped with a lot of new features and applications. First of all, the design of this smart phone is curvy which makes it easier for use and you can have better grip on your screen. It also comes with scratch resistive screen and you can try your best to put a scratch on the screen but it will resist even sharp knives and nails. The body of this smart phone is also finished with hydrogen and that makes it self-healing device. This is the only feature that distinguishes this smart phone in the list.
With the self healing ability, you can’t put any scratch or spots on the body and the rim of this phone. Even if there is a scratch, it will vanish in a while and that gives it more useful life. The weight of this smart phone is also a good feature that even it has massive screen but it is lighter than many other mobile phones of the same screen size. The camera is also very good and you can take 720p photos and capture HD quality video with this smart phone.
When it comes to the battery life, it offers 3500mAh batter which is fixed inside the curvy body of G Flex. Although the battery power is similar to Droid Maxx but the processor on this phone is bigger and ram size is also increased so it drains more battery as compared to Motorola Droid Maxx. It gives you 13.3 hours of video playback and offers talk time up to 15 hours on 2G network and about 13 hours on 3G network. Multiple tests has shown that it takes only one hour to charge the battery on this smart phone which is also a remarkable feature in LG G Flex.

5.       Samsung Galaxy S3 mini:
When Samsung released S3, this phone took our breaths away with its features, screen size and resolution and camera quality. It was a great success for Samsung but still there were some people who wanted to own S3 but they couldn’t afford it so Samsung released Galaxy S3 mini. It shares the same features as of S3 but there are some differences such as the processor on this smart phone is smaller and the ram memory is also decreased. The screen size is smaller than S3 and the resolution is also decreased.
When it comes to the call quality and camera features, mini shares the same specification as compared to the general S3. It is equipped with one of the best smart phone cameras of all time and you can take high quality pictures with S3 mini. Call quality is also very good with this and even if you are talking in a noisy place, you can hear every word very clearly.
Because the size of this smart phone is decreased as compared to the S3, the battery is also smaller in this one. It offers 2000mAh battery with S3 mini and it provides you about 14 hours of video playback. You don’t need to charge the phone for more than 15 days if it’s on standby. It offers you more than 11 hours of talk time on 2G network and more than 10 hours of talk time on 3G network.

6.       Motorola Moto X:
When it comes to smart phones and their battery timing, Moto X has a lot to offer you. It is one of the best smart phones of 2013 and the best thing about this mobile is that it comes in multiple customized designs and colors. Motorola isn’t that expensive manufacturer except some of its models in the last year and with Moto X, you get pretty cheap deal as your new smart phone.
Moto X has a bigger and brighter screen and the best thing about this mobile is its camera. Moto X is equipped with 10 megapixel camera with additional features so that the shuttering time is decreased to few milliseconds and you can take excellent photos even in the dark. There is an additional feature of voice command in this mobile phone and you can open any application within millisecond.
This smart phone has 1900mAh battery which gives more than 12 hours of video playback and you can talk up to 13 hours on 2G network and more than 10 hours on 3G network. Some might say that this battery doesn’t look that great and you have to charge your cell phone in every 24 hours but when you compare it with the price, it’s really good. It has standby capacity up to 10 days so if you are just using it to make few phone calls every day, you don’t need to charge it for more than a week.

7.       Samsung Galaxy Express:
This is again a remarkable addition in the galaxy family of Samsung smart phones. Galaxy Express has to over a 4.5 inch LCD which 16M colors and much more brightness. This phone has 16GB of internal memory and you can add more with external SD card. It comes with gorilla glass 3 which means its scratch resistive and you don’t need to worry about putting any protector on the screen just to save it from your car keys and pocket knife.
Camera in this smart phone is also very good and with 5 megapixel of rare camera, you can take 720P quality images and videos. Call quality is also very good with this smart phone and the best thing about Galaxy Express is that is comes with 4G LTE technology with so cheap price as compared to other smart phones in the market.
Galaxy Express is offering a 2000mAh batter which makes it possible to put the phone on standby and forget about charging it for more than 12 days. With this battery and screen size, you can watch videos for more than 13 hours on this smart phone and it offers 13 hours of talk time on 2G network. If you use 3G network, the talk time decreases up to 11 hours. With the price Galaxy Express comes, this is one of the best and cheapest smart phones of 2014. 

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