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A review of Windows Phone 8, Black update for Nokia Lumia smartphones

Editor Rating: 3.9 / 5

Good news for those who are using windows smart phone and were looking forward to a major change in the working of the operating systems for cell phones, especially for Nokia Lumia mobiles. Recently Nokia has published a worldwide press release in which they called their latest update as “Black update” which is the code name for the mobile operating system update that is soon going to be available in market.

This update is supposed to be one of a kind and critics are also looking forward to find out the reviews of the users whether they find it any good or useful or not. The big deal about this update is that Nokia itself has emphasized a lot on this major release and with the code name they gave it to this update, it seems something amazing for our windows mobile phones. This update will be available for all kinds of windows phones but especially for Nokia Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020. These two smart phones, when released in the market, also revolutionized the world and with the features offered in these models, Nokia convinced or forced their clients to buy these models. Features like wireless charging dock and 41 megapixel camera are not that common in the market and this is the key reason why Nokia claims these two handsets to be the most successful in the Lumia line.

Although Nokia has created the most amazing windows phones but still there are some things or some particular features that these phones lack. To overcome those problems and to make it more fun, Nokia has finally decided to release a major update in the operating systems of Lumia mobiles and with the suspense they have created in the market, people are really looking forward to this release.

Up until now, only the news of the release of Black update is published and no one really knows what it’s all about and what is the post use behavior of users regarding this update but here are some features of this update that are again, published by Nokia itself. Take a look at the following major parts of this update:

Application folder:
Although with each new model in the Lumia series, Nokia has tried it’s best to provide more ease in the applications and their management but still some users find minor flaws most of the times. To eliminate those mistakes and errors, the Black update will provide you additional options of creating a new customized folder on the desktop or home screen. In this folder you can add applications, groups and even more folders. You can create it as a separate folder or a tile.

Glance screen 2.0:
To save a lot of time of looking and draining your battery, the new Black update includes an amazing feature of managing your notifications on your home screen. All the notifications including messages, missed calls, emails, and calendar entries will be displayed in a new manner on the screen. Other notification updates related to Face Book, Twitter and other social networking websites will also be available on a single glance at your home screen. This will save a lot of time and energy for both users and their smart phones.

Bluetooth update:
Previously there weren’t that many complaints about the Bluetooth setting and connectivity options in Nokia Lumia phones, but still this Black update includes some good changes regarding the Bluetooth application in the Lumia handsets. Maybe it’s not that fascinating for those who just use this tool for transferring photos and videos but for professionals who need more options and features for file sharing, this update is definitely going to be something amazing.

Nokia Lumia refocus:
Previously, it was necessary that you first choose on which thing or person you want your camera to focus and then take a picture with your smart phone but now with the Black update of Nokia Lumia phones, you can do this anytime later. This means you can change the focus of a photo even if you have captured it weeks ago. This is the camera feature that most of the mobile users looking forward to.

New beamer app:
Most of you are already familiar with the term and app Photo-Beamer which is widely being used in many mobiles phones including Samsung and HTC but now this application will be available for Nokia users too. With Nokia Beamer application you can share your screen, photos, documents and other files by just using your mobile as a mirror. This application will be used with QR codes on Nokia Lumia phones with the Black update for windows 8 phones.

Nokia storyteller app:
This is something that the tourists and bloggers are interested in. You are familiar with the timeline feature and this application is just an updated and more amazing feature for Nokia windows 8 phones. With Nokia Storyteller, your phone arranges your photos in the same manner you took it and displays these photos in the manner you want to show your friends and family members.


New camera features:
This application was released last year for Nokia Pure-view mobiles but with Black update, it will be available for all windows 8 phones especially for Lumia series. It makes it more fun to take images and experience the best features with each photo you take using your smart phone.

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