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Alcatel One Touch Pop 7 Review , Real Hero

Editor Rating: 3.9 / 5


The Alcatel Onetouch Pop 7 is a plan situated, 7-inch slate that means to bring good execution and amplified connectivity at an open cost.

The tab should be the most slender and lightest of its benevolent, and likewise packs a double center CPU, 1gb RAM, and a couple of Polaroids. It additionally has a 3g/Hsdpa+ modem, which is a great deals point for a tablet in the $150-$180 value range. Be that as it may does whatever is left of the bundle indicate an engaging offer.


Android OS, v4.2 (Jelly Bean)

8.9 mm thickness , Weight  285 g

600 x 1024 pixels, 7.0 inches

Quad-core 1.3 GHz

1 GB RAM, microSD, up to 32 GB

2 MP,  Secondary  Yes,

Li-Ion 2500 mAh battery

2G  GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900

3G  HSDPA 2100

Colors   White

Design And Display

Alcatel asserts that the Onetouch Pop 7 is the most slender, lightest passage level 7-inch tablet out there. All the more correctly, the tab measures 0.35 inches (8.9 mm) slim and 0.63 lbs (285 grams) in weight. In spite of the fact that this is a respectable accomplishment, the Nexus 7 (2013) is marginally more slender (0.34 inches, 8.65mm), while the approaching Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 will weigh in at only 0.60 lbs (275 grams).

Regarding outline, the tablet doesn't emerge with style, or anything exceptional, truly. It's the practical, unacknowledged consequence of a simple practice in walker looks. The all-plastic form supplements it actually, keeping in mind there is nothing to out and out affection about it, there is nothing to grimace at, either. This is a robust little tablet with a great weight to it, that is agreeable to hold with both one and two hands. You will hear it squeak a bit, and the back board and side bezel give in a little when pressed on, yet these are average, blameless plan gadget shenanigans.

At the point when the tablet's plain outline gets exhausting in the end, you can shift it a bit with removable plastic back boards in merry pastel colors (accessible independently). Changing between them is an outright breeze, and they fit the tablet pleasant and cozy. Then again, the boards include a little bit of weight, and totally conceal the microsd and SIM-card spaces. The last could be favorable element, or a little bother, contingent upon whether you like the extra assurance of the spaces, or rely on upon simple access to them. Possibly way, the openings are ensured by a fold that is not difficult to handle.

Showcase savvy, the Onetouch Pop 7 doesn't have much to show off. The 7-inch TFT board has a determination of 1024x600 pixels with pixel thickness coming in at 170ppi. This implies that little questions – like symbols – don't look sharp, however blurry, and fine content can't be perused agreeably, so you need to zoom in. Indeed 1080p features look marginally pixelated from ordinary survey separation.

Picture quality is extremely poor for a couple of reasons. The showcase has outstandingly icy color temperature at 16334 Kelvins (6500 K is the ideal temperature, while shows with 8000k are viewed as somewhat blue) which implies that the white colors has a robust blue tint. In any case its not just this - shades, for example, cyan and fuchsia, for instance, likewise are totally off.

The survey edges are likewise rather eccentric. At the point when the tab is held in picture mode, the picture rapidly falls when the tablet is skewed to the right, losing differentiation and making content difficult to peruse.

Most extreme brilliance is better than average, at 363 nits, so the presentation ought to be usable outside throughout the day, correct? Actually, the precise reflexive glass makes this very nearly outlandish. It is bad to the point, that you may think that it hard understanding it even in a room throughout the day. In addition, it is an unique mark magnet, and you will regularly perceive this. There is additionally no light sensor to discuss, so programmed shine alteration is not feasible.

Alcatel Onetouch Pop 7

User Interface and Functionality

The Alcatel Onetouch Pop 7 runs Android 4.2.2 out of the case, which is a form more than a year old as of right now. The Mediatek chipset is to be faulted here – the Taiwanese silicon slinger is yet to make its chips help late Android fabricates. The tablet's UI is outstandingly light on alterations - its basically stock Android with a blue tint tossed in the menus, wallpapers and widgets. Also, the greater part of the symbols have accepted a makeover – the style is level, not staggering, however clear and unambiguous. Like it or not, the organization has decided on-screen programming route catches to control the tablet.

Alcatel has kept from filling the tablet's restricted stockpiling with an excess of "bloatware" applications. All we get are straightforward Browser (a fork of Firefox), E-Mail, and File Manager applications; Onetouch Center – an application for PC adjusting; Onetouch Live – a somewhat uncovered rundown of applications suggested by Alcatel, for example, Opera and Linkedin; Onetouch Support – an advantageous application for straightforwardly calling Alcatel's help lines around the world; People, which is a location book demonstrated after Google's stock Contacts application; and the Syncml and Tethering applications.

Processor and memory

he Alcatel Onetouch Pop 7 runs on a modest Mediatek Mt8312 chipset with two Cortex-A7 centers timed at 1.3ghz, a proven Mali-400 GPU, and 1gb RAM. Capacity shrewd, there are 4gb of memory, out of which 2gb are accessible for utilizing. This is the standard with most 4gb tablets, and in the event that you require more capacity, it could be extended with a microsd card (up to 32gb).

Gaming-wise, the slate's equipment will totally given you a chance to play most mainstream cool titles, incorporating those with decently complicated visuals in the vein of Temple Run 2. Gameloft and comparable distributers' illustrations serious titles, then again, will be out of your scope, despite the fact that the noteworthy Dead Trigger 2 ran without a hitch.

All in all, this is a satisfactory arrangement for a plan 7-inch tablet, and for the reasons of easy utilization, it really performs superior to anticipated. Alcatel's light-weight interface doesn't strain the framework whatsoever, along these lines far, the tablet hasn't slammed or generally practiced our quietness. The tablet doubtlessly doesn't feel underpowered.


We don't have anything pleasant to say in regards to the Alcatel Pop Touch 7's back camera, aside from that it has one. It is a 2-megapixel snapper with no auto-center or glimmer – weaknesses that ought to enlighten enough regarding the photograph and feature quality. All things considered, at any rate the camera is there and takes photographs and features. There's likewise a 0.3mp front-confronting camera that has really low quality, yet it will suffice for feature visiting – regardless of the possibility that you don't look your absolute best through it.

Battery life

Alcatel's tablet kept up for six hours and four minutes in our battery test. This is a great consequence for the Pop 7's 3240mah battery, acknowledging 7-inch slates in this class are acclimated to 3500mah batteries and past. Maybe the better than average battery life might be owed to the tablet's lightweight programming and economical processor.

Wrapping Up

We need to begin this wrap-up with our idea about the presentation of the Alcatel Onetouch Pop 7 – it is truly of exceptionally low quality, with low determination, terrible shades, and awful reflexive glass that makes it hard to peruse when the sun is sparkling. It truly is the major issue. Generally, the Pop 7 is a not too bad plan tablet that has pleasant form, sensible specs, and doesn't feel underpowered or disagreeable to utilize. Above all, its 3g-associated. Along these lines, in the event that you are searching for a moderate, 3g-joined slate to use on the go, there are very few different alternatives. Its greater sibling, the Pop 8, has a fabulous show in correlation, however is likewise much pricier at about $275 for the HSPA-empowered variant.

Notwithstanding, in the event that you don't generally require the 3g-connectivity that much, you better scratch the Pop 7 off your schedule, in light of the fact that the value run underneath $200 offers considerable Wi-Fi-just tablets. For instance, the Dell Venue 7 and 8 move rings around the Pop 7 with their HD shows, Intel Cpus and 2gb of RAM. What's more in the event that you are eager to hold up until May, Lenovo as of late affirmed a reasonable trio of Wi-Fi-just and 3g tablets with 720p showcases and quad-center processors that could be worth recognizing – we still don't have a clue about the 3g-joined variants' costs, nor how they perform. Furthermore, there's dependably the Amazon Kindle Fire HD – its tricky to miss the retailer.


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